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Enterprise Zone

The Colorado Enterprise Zone Program encourages job creation and capital investment in economically depressed areas by providing tax credits to businesses and projects to promote and encourage economic development activities. The program was created in 1986 and is based on areas in Colorado that have high unemployment rates and low per capita income.

**During the Legislative Session, there were several bills that were passed resulting in significant changes to Enterprise Zone Tax Credits and the process by which Enterprise Zone tax forms are certified. For more information on these bills, please visit the State’s Enterprise Zone Legislation page**

Beginning January 1, 2012, businesses must receive precertification approval each year, before applying for tax credits. To get your business precertified, please click here. After precertification has been approved, businesses may begin applying for tax credits. Recent legislation requires that all forms be submitted online. You can find the online certification process here.

Jefferson County has 6 designated Enterprise Zones that are administered by the Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation.

Below is a brief overview of the EZ tax credits

Investment Tax Credit (ITC) 3% of equipment purchases DR0074 FYI Income 11
Job Training Tax Credit 12% of qualified training expenses DR0074 FYI Income 31
New Jobs Credit $1,100/new job DR0074 FYI Income 10
Ag Processing Jobs Credit $1,000/job DR0074 FYI Income 10
Health Insurance Credit $1,000 x 2 years/employee DR0074 FYI Income 10
R&D Increase Tax Credit 3% of increased R&D expenditures DR0077 FYI Income 22
Vacant Building Rehabilitation Tax Credit 25% of rehabilitation expenditures DR0076 FYI Income 24
Manufacturing / Mining Sales and Use Tax Expanded sales & use tax exemption in EZ DR1191 FYI Sales 10 & FYI Sales 69
Contributions to Enterprise Zone Projects 25% cash / 12.5% in-kind of donation DR0075* FYI Income 23
Commercial Vehicle Investment Tax Credit 1.5% of commercial vehicle purchases CVITC FYI Income 11
*EZ Contribution Project will provide contributor w/ the DR0075 form.

Supported by the Enterprise Zone Marketing Grant.
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